Redfall Players Mock AI Opponent’s Horrible Aim

Redfall might not be as good as we wanted.

Image via Arkane

Redfall has definitely had a rocky start, to say the least. Everywhere you turn on the internet lately, people are giving their harsh and honest thoughts about the game, not holding back whatsoever. While some say it’s worth playing with friends, many others disagree.

In any case, Redfall certainly seems to have come in hot, with several players reporting all kinds of glitches and bugs. As if trying to stake a vampire wasn’t confusing enough, one fan shared some truly baffling one-on-one encounters with the AI.

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Players of Redfall Show Off the Game’s Sometimes Baffling AI

Redfall is not meeting the expectations fans had, and players are now mocking the game with how terrible the Al aim is. This video posted to the Redfall subreddit shows just how stormtrooper-like the AI’s aim really is. The Al doesn’t even move with you as you try to avoid their shots, making it quite easy to dodge their shots without much effort.

In the comments, you can see that this is not a one-off. Many players agree that Redfall lacks challenging content, even on some of the higher difficulties. Others are able to overlook these problems and are having fun, but those seem to be in the minority. Either way, it’s clear that the encounter Redditor FunnyGeneral7078 found is something many have found.

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The one positive we can assume is that, since Redfall is an always-online game that players can download with their Game Pass subscription, it’s highly likely that it will get patches and updates to hopefully fix these issues. Of course, developer Arkane hasn’t said much just yet, but we would guess that we’ll probably start to hear more about that in the coming days. Redfall might not be in a very good place right now, but we’ve seen other games like No Man’s Sky turn it around.