Remedy’s P7, From The Makers Of Alan Wake, Is Releasing In 2019


It’s not a mystery that Remedy is working on couple games now, and that it’s making them multi-platform for the first time in years. Northlight Engine is being adapted in order to run on PS4 as well, after showing few good things on Xbox and Windows with games like Alan Wake and Quantum Break.

Remedy's P7 Confirmed For 2019

The news here is that, despite all this work being done behind the scenes, the Finnish developer will also be able to release the first of the titles in question – codenamed P7 – in 2019. The game is being developed with the funding of 505 Games, an Italian growing publisher, and is said to be a story-based title with a persistent, cooperative component in the likes of Destiny and The Division.

“Our other game project, Project P7 that is being done with 505 Games S.p.A., proceeded from the pre-production phase to the production phase at the beginning of the period under review,” said the studio as part of a financial report. “The development of the game has progressed according to our plans. P7 is expected to be released during 2019.”

We’re told another title has entered the production phase, even though we’ve not been informed about what it is so far. We know, instead, Remedy is building a story mode for Smilegate’s CrossFire 2, an online first-person shooter counting on 650 million registered users and an 8 million concurrent gamers’ peak. But this shouldn’t be what they’re talking about in their report, so expect some surprises not so distant from when P7 releases.