Remnant 2 gameplay trailer teases character archetypes and intense otherworldly combat

The game is set to release sometime this summer.

Image via Gunfire Games

Ahead of its release this year, developer Gunfire Games has treated players to a new look at Remnant 2 with a nine-minute gameplay trailer. The video showcases environments you’ll explore, enemies you’ll be fighting, a good look at the game’s class system, Archetypes, and a boss battle. The gameplay takes place in an area called Yaesha, a jungle-style biome with swampy marshes and woods, showing off some of the locations players will be seeing, as well as three of the games Archetypes in action, each with varied playstyles, abilities, and weapons.

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The Handler Archetype has the unique feature of having a dog companion that can be summoned and given commands to attack specific enemies or use certain perks, which vary depending on which of three combat modes you choose, Guard Dog, Support Dog, and Attack Dog – which will draw enemy attention, provide healing, and do increased damage respectively. The Archetype looks to be a more agile playstyle and focuses on using your K-9 companion frequently while dodging and weaving around enemies with ranged and melee attacks.

For those who want a more tanky class focused on taking and dealing out large amounts of damage, we have the Challenger Archetype. The trailer shows the Challenger using multiple weapons, including a shotgun and greatsword, and an ability that knocks back and damages enemies in front of them. We also get a good look at what appears to be a dungeon, and some of the enemies players can expect to face, including spell-casting robed creatures, swarms of charging and crawling creatures, and bulbous, exploding enemies.

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Lastly, those who want to feel like a cowboy can try the Gunslinger Archetype. The trailer shows off this Archetype’s gun skills, swapping between a rifle-like weapon and a revolver, which can rapid-fire like in western movies for fast and high damage. Here we also see Mother Mind, a world boss that alters the area around the boss and player during the battle, forcing the player to move and adapt to the situation while continuing to fight it and other enemies. We also get some hints regarding traits, which are Archetype specific quirks, and see a crafting material pop up, which could hint at the potential to make and customize your loadout even further.

Remnant 2 will be released in Q3 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.