Resident Evil 3 sells 5 million copies, reaching Resident Evil Village’s milestone

After two years, Resident Evil 3 Remake has reached the milestone Resident Evil Village set in five months.

Image via Capcom

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Capcom has revealed that Resident Evil 3 Remake has now sold 5 million copies since releasing in April 2020. This brings it up to par with the last revealed sales figure for Resident Evil Village, which hit the same marker in October.

In a press release, Capcom announced the new sales figure for the Resident Evil 3 remake, which was not as well-received as other recent games in the series like the Resident Evil 2 remake and Resident Evil Village. The game was criticized for cutting content from the original, like the Clocktower level, and for being extremely short. It also came packaged with Resident Evil Resistance, an asymmetrical multiplayer mode, that didn’t catch on.

Resident Evil 3 Remake hitting 5 million copies continues the ongoing trend of Resident Evil being an absolute cash cow for Capcom, with each entry selling extremely well. Resident Evil as a franchise has sold over 123 million units, nearly doubling Capcom’s next closest franchise of Monster Hunter, which has sold 78 million units. While Resident Evil does have the advantage of being one of Capcom’s oldest franchises, it doesn’t seem like the gap is going to close anytime soon.

Considering that Resident Evil Village hit 5 million copies sold in October, only five months after it was released, it has likely surpassed that milestone at this point. Resident Evil ReVerse, the multiplayer mode bundled with Resident Evil Village, has not been given a release date after being delayed to sometime in 2022.