New Resident Evil Village trailer and gameplay coming next week

Brittney Brombacher will host the showcase.

Resident Evil Village

The next Resident Evil showcase has been announced, and it’s scheduled for next week. With just under a month to go until Resident Evil Village launches, this could be the final pre-release showcase. The last Resident Evil showcase was packed with gameplay, and new features were revealed that gave us some idea of how Resident Evil Village will play out.

Capcom’s next showcase will feature a new trailer for Resident Evil Village, and some new gameplay footage for fans to sink their teeth into on April 15.

What’s Good Games co-founder Brittney Brombacher will be hosting this showcase as she did the last one. In the initial teaser video for the showcase, she hints that Capcom will also be including some surprises for fans alongside the trailer and gameplay.

Between now and then, the beta for RE:Verse is now live for anyone to play until 11 PM April 11. The game is a multiplayer title that features characters from across the Resident Evil franchise and will be free to all those who purchase a copy of Resident Evil Village.