Resident Evil Village leaker suggests semi-open world, multiple protagonists, secret optional areas

Village may be the most ambitious Resident Evil game yet.

Image via Capcom

The excitement surrounding Resident Evil Village is incredibly high, especially with the recent Resident Evil showcase that revealed a new trailer, some gameplay footage, and the release date for the game — May 7. Adding fuel to that excitement is none other than popular Resident Evil insider Dusk Golem. If Golem’s recent tweets are any indication, Resident Evil Village is a much more ambitious game than many expected it to be.

Like many Resident Evil games before it, Village will allow players to take control of multiple protagonists. The Resident Evil series staple protagonist Chris Redfield has been confirmed to be a part of Village and, as it seems, is no longer doing the admirable BSAA work. Rather, he seems to be delivering newborn babies to witches, if the latest trailer is any indication. Now, Golem has confirmed that players will get to play as Chris in the upcoming game.

Furthermore, there seems to be a third, secret playable protagonist, which Golem suggests is a “she.” While many would likely love to take control of the tall vampire lady Dimitrescu, who the internet has fallen in love with, Golem’s tweet suggests that it’s someone more “mysterious.”

Furthermore, Golem confirms that Resident Evil Village will have a “small open-world,” where every area will connect to each other. While some of the earlier Resident Evil titles have had some sort of Metroidvania design, Resident Evil Village seems to be taking it to a deeper, larger scale.

Golem also revealed new details about the new character The Duke, who helms the role of the iconic merchant from Resident Evil 4. As it seems, The Duke will travel from one location to another in his carriage and will usually be found in areas that push the main narrative forward. The Metroidvania level design will encourage replayability, and players should return back to older areas, especially the ones where The Duke parked his carriage since, Golem suggests, there will be secrets to discover.

It’s worth pointing out that all of this information should still be taken with a grain of salt; Capcom has yet to confirm any of these details. Given Golem’s track records, though, it is likely that they are all true.

Players can preorder the Standard, Deluxe, or the Collector’s Edition of Resident Evil Village right now.