Respawn hints at non-battle royale way to play Apex Legends planned for 2021

It’s not a new game, but a new game mode within Apex Legends.

Apex Legends art narrative story singleplayer pve

Image via Respawn Entertainment

In the first entry of the new update series, Respawn Responds, design director Jason McCord touched upon Respawn’s recently hinted-at plans to add “new ways” to play Apex Legends.

“We have built these characters, and this world that I think players really want to be in, even if they don’t love battle royales,” McCord states in the update video. “That’s something that we want to focus on solving this year: other ways to play the game.”

With so little information, it’s almost impossible to predict what form this new Apex Legends gameplay will arrive in. However, we can rule out a couple of things right away. This new way to play is not related to the upcoming mobile version of Apex Legends, which will be a battle royale by all indications. 

It’s also not a new game, but a new game mode within Apex Legends. Going by McCord’s wording, it seems this new mode may be more narratively driven, similar to the PvE missions in the Broken Ghost questline in Season 5. Anything that deals more with the established history and lore of Apex Legends will be welcome by the community, which has wholeheartedly embraced the game’s setting and characters.

Whatever the new ways to play Apex Legends are, we can expect them to launch before the end of 2021.