Risk of Rain Returns Release Date Announced Alongside Final Survivor Reveal, the Pilot

The final survivor for Risk of Rain Returns has been announced, and we now know the official release date.

Image via Hopoo Games

The Risk of Rain team has been quiet these past few months, but they’ve finally come forward with more information. We have new, confirmed details of the final survivor, the Pilot, and we now have an official release date for the game.

This highly anticipated remake will be making its way onto PC and consoles in no time. Not only will the game launch with many of the original’s features, but there will be new Survivor abilities, items, enemies, and much more to make it feel like a completely different game for fans to play ten years after the original came out.

Official Release Date For Risk of Rain Returns Arrives

Developers at Hopoo Games have announced that Risk of Rain Returns will be launching on November 8, 2023, giving fans plenty of time so they can pre-order the game ahead of time to reserve a copy. Originally, Risk of Rain Returns was expected to drop close to the end of summer, but it looks like the team needed some more time to fine-tune the finer details of the remake. One notable detail is adding several new survivors to the roster, and the last one to be announced is the Pilot.

The Pilot is an agile character that players can unlock as they play through Risk of Rain Returns. ThePilot’ss primary ability, Clusterfire, is a triple burst shot, capable of damaging multiple enemies, clearing the way for himself or other allies he’s cooperating with. He has several airborne abilities to give him an edge in battle, optimizing his time as the Pilot of the Contact Light.

Players can unlock the Pilot alongside the traditional roster or choose from one of the other new characters, the Artificer and the Drifter. Every character in Risk of Rain Returns will have a variety of abilities they can unleash in combat, and they’ll have optional ones everyone can unlock to give players more customization on their runs, allowing for a more creative approach to these endless attacks of monsters. It’s also a great way to find out what abilities work well with the many new items on the way.

The Hopoo Games team has also announced there’s a revamped multiplayer mode. Players can still join online in four-player games, but now there’s a local co-op for these multiplayer sessions on PC and the Nintendo Switch. This is perfect for Nintendo Switch players who want to try their hand at Risk of Rain Returns after having played Risk of Rain 2.

Make sure to grab a copy of Risk of Rains Returns for the PC or on the Nintendo Switch, starting at $14.99 when it launches on November 8, 2023.