Rivals of Aether Adventure Mode: Hallowflame gets an October release date

Developer tools access will also be available.

Image via Smack Studios

The Rivals of Aether Adventure Mode: Hallowflame has been officially announced for release on the Steam Workshop. The playable adventure mode will be available on the Rivals of Aether Steam Workshop on October 22, according to a recent tweet from lead project manager Archytas.

The trailer for the project was initially showcased during the Zetta Workshop Direct on September 15, showcasing the concept and style of what the adventure mode would offer. A companion video of sorts was posted on the same day by Archytas, which revealed more detail regarding the mode’s features, including global custom events, a cutscene manager, and custom items and enemies for players to freely create and use.

Rivals of Aether Adventure Mode: Hallowflame will be releasing on the 22nd of October on Steam Workshop! Featuring a long-form story level for you to explore, as well as developer tools to help you create your own levels”, the post reads.

A reply was also posted to the announcement alluding to things not shown in the initial trailer but are likely to get elaborated on in the future. The image reads: Remember the fate of those who turned away from the throne.