Roller Champions delayed until late spring of this year

Rolling, rolling, rolling to another delay.

Does my Roller Champions closed beta progress carry over into the full release?

Image via Ubisoft

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Ubisoft quietly delayed the online multiplayer sports game Roller Champions once more. The game has been pushed back to a vague late spring release date, with Ubisoft promising that the extra development time will be used to help honor excitement for the title and make the game as good as it can be.

Revealed by reporter Tom Henderson on Twitter, Ubisoft took to Discord to reveal the latest Roller Champions delay. In the statement released, Ubisoft “has concluded” that the development team needs “a bit more time to deliver the successful game [players] deserve.” Given that the game has been in beta since early 2021, and was delayed already from a 2021 release to 2022, Ubisoft Montreal is making sure that the free-to-play game is ready to shine come release day.

This is a sentiment echoed in the delay statement above, which details how Ubisoft Montreal “believe it’s the right decision to properly honor” the excitement surrounding the game which has been built up in “the competitive scene” that started with the game’s beta. While the new release date is still vague, late spring suggests that Roller Champions should finally release by the end of May or mid-June. Hopefully, we’re provided with a firm release date sooner rather than later.