Rumbleverse will add new Duos and Playground modes when it returns this week

It’s almost time to throw down.

Image via Iron Galaxy

Rumbleverse, the pro-wrestling-themed battle royale game, has seen some trouble during development. It was indefinitely delayed at the start of the year, but fortunately, its release date is now quickly approaching. Rumbleverse will launch this week, and it’ll arrive with two new modes.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, Rumbleverse will offer Duos and Playground modes at launch — Solo was the only thing available during playtesting sessions. Duos mode starts each pair of players with less health than in Solos and only eight slots for stats. If your teammate goes down, you’ll have 30 seconds to revive them. This time will decrease each time they go down, but if you activate Superstar Mode, you will revive them twice as fast. There’s no Superstar Comeback available in Duos, but if your opponent is actually eliminated, you will get a health boost and more stat slots to make up for some of the loss.

Playground Mode, on the other hand, removes the competitive aspect altogether, letting you freely explore the map of Grapital City. Tutorials are scattered throughout the city, and there are practice robots to let you try out techniques before jumping into a real match. All of the game’s items will also be available in the Equip Zone, so Playground Mode sounds like a great way to get a grasp of the game without any pressure. You can explore the whole city in co-op too.

Rumbleverse launches this week: it’s coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC on Thursday, August 11. Season One will begin a week after launch day, on August 18. There will be a Battle Pass of course, and it’ll cost you 1,000 Brawla Bills — an in-game currency that you can also acquire with real money. Completing the whole pass will actually net you 1,500 Brawla Bills, so theoretically you could spend money once and earn enough to grab the Season Two pass with only in-game currency.