Scarlet Nexus DLC and free update add more Bond Episodes and a battle simulator

Take your relationships deeper.

Image via Bandai Namco

Scarlet Nexus places a heavy focus on building relationships with your party members. The stronger your bonds, the stronger your combat abilities will be during battle. A new DLC pack is “coming soon” and it’ll help you take all of those relationships to an even higher level.

As shown in the latest trailer, Bond Enhancement Pack 2 adds more Bond Episodes to the game — 10 of them, to be exact. That’s 10 more opportunities to gain new powers, so be sure you’re giving gifts to the party members you want by your side. Bond Enhancement Pack 2 also includes a new “Youth Attire” costume and weapon set from artist Daisuke Richard. The whole bundle will run you $7.99.

Update 1.05, however, is totally free and also adds new content to the game. It brings its own costume additions, plus new variations for the Other enemies. Speaking of which, the highlight of the update is a Battle Simulator. This lets you replay combat scenarios for points, and developer Bandai Namco encourages players to “aim for the high score.”

If you’re thinking about trying Scarlet Nexus out for yourself, we have a beginner’s guide to help get you started. The aforementioned bonds, healing, and side quests are just a few core mechanics you’ll want to familiarize yourself with.