Scarlet Nexus beginners guide – hints and tips

Getting off on the right foot.

Scarlet Nexus puts you in charge of a cast of characters as you take on the strange threat posed by the Others. Your elite squad of empowered fighters is equipped to take them out, but it always pays to have some help.

This guide will give you lots of important hints and tips to help you get off to a great start in the fight against the others, and will fill you in on some mechanics that might be a little confusing to some players.

There are more ways to heal than you think

While it might seem that Jelly items are the main way to heal, you can also heal each time you return to your hideout, and each time you interact with the yellow-clad Save Game NPCs you can find in the world. As these guys show up during combat missions, it is basically a free heal for the entire squad.

Increase your Bond Level

Bond levels are a measure of the friendship level between your protagonist and the rest of the squad. By talking to NPCs, fighting alongside them, doing Bond Missions, and giving them gifts, it is possible to unlock new Bond Levels and increase their skills and attributes.

Getting more weapons

You can earn extra weapons by completing side quests for characters. As you explore the world, keep an eye out for NPCs with exclamation points above them. Talk to them and they might just have a mission for you. To quickly know if an NPC has a quest or just wants to chat, check your map, as only quest-giving NPCs will be marked on it.

You can hand in side quests from the Story Tab

Rather than returning to an NPC after finishing a side quest, just go to the story tab and hand it in from there to save time.

Upgrade your Plug-In Slots

Upgrading plug-in slots is an easy way to boost your power ceiling. Plug-Ins can be found throughout the game, and the more you can equip, the more buffs you can give yourself on the stats you feel are important to your playstyle. You can do this through the Brain Map, which is basically the Scarlet Nexus Skill Tree.