Sea of Thieves brings back the Bone Crusher Set for players who slay a lot of skeletons or phantoms

Now with a nice bronze finish.

via Rare

Rare is bringing back a variation Bone Crusher Set for ship customization. The Bone Crusher was originally part of a Cosmetic set that was only available for a limited time. Now the set is coming back, but only for the ship cosmetics rather than the full set, which initially included special outfits, accessories, and weapons.

The new set is rebranded as the Fearless Bone Crusher, and the returning ship cosmetics are given a new coat of paint. The Fearless Bone Crusher figurehead, which is described as being the skull of the Kraken, is now bronze rather than the skeleton white from the original Bone Crusher set.

The Fearless Bone Crusher Set comes available with a matching capstan, wheel, and cannons. The set is part of the newly released 2.3.1 update that is also a part of the Season Four of Sea of Thieves.

The set will be available to pirates who can eliminate either 50 skeleton enemies or Phantoms affected by Cursed Cannonballs. Cursed Cannonballs are special kinds of cannonballs that causes affecting players a variety of different ailments, like making them drunk or causing them to vomit. Usually, Cursed Cannonballs are colored green or purple rather than the usual black or grey.