Servers are struggling as players flood Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier [updated]

The tutorial is as far as most players are getting.


Screenshot by Gamepur

We’ve been trying to play Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier all morning, and the server stability has definitely improved as time has gone on. The game’s official Twitter account has posted several updates on the server issues, explaining that they’re still being worked on, but more players should be able to get in and enjoy the game now.

Original story

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier went live early this morning. The game’s servers are already struggling to cope with the number of players bombarding it, hoping to get into a match in the new battle royale title.

Should you get through the character creation screen, you’ll be able to play a brief tutorial that teaches you the basics of gameplay. However, once the tutorial is over, the game kicks most players back to the start screen and states that the network is unstable. The developers are aware of this issue and are actively trying to fix it, but the problem persists at the time of this writing.

Those who registered their interest in the game were notified that they could download it last week. Until today, a message stating that the servers have been undergoing maintenance has been all that will display when trying to tap to start. The game should be live today, but the aforementioned issue hinders most players from getting into the meat of the title. The developers seem to be fairly active, so the issue could be fixed relatively quickly.

While the developers work, a support page has been shared that you can use to alert them of any other issues that crop up.