Dev: Shenmue III Will Release In 2018 On PS4 and PC, Plus Many Other Surprises


Shenmue 3 is one of the most anticipated games of 2018 scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4 and PC. A lot of PlayStation fans expected that the game is going to be get delayed to the early part of 2019 considering the fact that how big the scale of the game is going to be, but it seems like that is not going to be the case and Shenmue III won’t see any delay to 2019 and the confirmation of it came from a developer.

Shenmue III Confirmed For 2018 Release

Cedric Biscay via Twitter has confirmed that Shenmue III will release in 2018 on PlayStation 4 and PC. In addition to this, Cedric stated that there will be a lot more surprises as well. What surprises it could be – A HD remaster of last two Shenmue games for PlayStation 4 and PC? This option seems to be the only logical bet.

You guys can read the full tweet of Cedric Biscay below: “I wish you a Happy New Year! All the best for 2018! It will be great with the #Shenmue3 release on #PS4 and #PC and many other surprises”

Shenmue III will offer a gameplay length of around 30 hours, and it will feature a new Battle System. Take a look at the Shenmue III Graphics Comparison video showing how much improvements the development team has made since the announcement of the game at E3 2015 vs Gamescom 2017.