Sims 4 Stuff Pack Launch Off to Bumpy Start As Fans Discover They Can’t Actually Buy It

Sims 4 fans are eagerly logging in to download the new Home Chef Hustle pack, only to discover it’s not showing up for most players.

The Sims 4 Home Chef Hustle Whoops

Image via EA

For the last few weeks, the Sims 4 community has been getting hyped for the first new Stuff Pack in two years, Home Chef Hustle. This new Sims 4 Stuff Pack promises new food-centric features and items, including a waffle maker and pizza oven, and many gamers can’t wait to get cooking.

At the time of launch today, fans were excited to download the new Home Chef Hustle stuff pack and start playing with all the new goodies it promised. However, it quickly became clear that even though EA announced the launch right on schedule, many gamers weren’t actually able to purchase the game.

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Sims 4 Fans Discover They Can’t Actually Buy New Stuff Pack

The official @TheSims Twitter account announced the launch of Home Chef Hustle right on schedule, but commenters were quick to point out that they weren’t actually seeing the game as available to purchase.

In the replies to this exciting announcement, Twitter users across platforms discuss whether or not they can download the new Sims 4 Home Chef Hustle pack. While some Simmers have been able to download the game directly from EA’s website, others trying to access the pack through different options haven’t been able to find it. “It’s not available on the EA app for Windows,” one user notes. “Can not buy it on Epic games,” says another.

From these reactions, it appears that the cross-platform launch EA intended hasn’t quite gone off without a hitch. Based on the Twitter responses, players who use the EA app, Origin, PlayStation and Epic games in particular do not yet seem to be able to buy and download the new pack.

While this news is frustrating for those of us who really want to dive in to the new stuff pack, challenges like this are pretty common for new Sims 4 launches. As of now, EA has yet to acknowledge the issue publicly or provide any updates as to when users can expect to see the new stuff pack. Hopefully, EA will have a fix for the issue soon so we can all dive in and get cooking.