Skull and Bones co-director leaves Ubisoft, five years after game’s reveal

It is a pirate’s life for me, but not just yet.

Image via Ubisoft

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Pirate games never go out of style, but Ubisoft is sure trying to push that idea to its limit. When they revealed Skull & Bones at E3 2017, the game created a lot of hype around it from its cinematic visual presentation. Since then, however, there have been numerous delays to the pirate adventure — and fans should probably brace themselves for yet another delay to the game after a recent personnel change.

Co-director Antoine Henry, a main creative leader for the project, has announced his departure from Ubisoft Singapore, the studio that has been developing Skull & Bones. In a post on LinkedIn, Henry posted a picture of himself next to the studio logo with the caption, “Goodbye Ubisoft! After nearly 15 years, today was my last day. I’m thankful for the people I’ve met and what they brought me professionally and personally. Hopefully I was able to give back a little bit.”

There has been no word on what his departure will mean for the studio or the Skull & Bones release date. Ubisoft had announced that the game would release sometime in the next financial year, which begins in April 2022, but the company has offered nothing more concrete than that.

Previous delays have been due to an evolving vision for what the game should be, but the end result has been an abnormally long development time. Fans will just need to wait and see if they’ll get to take the high seas this year or if this news will lead to yet another delay in the game’s long development history.