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Skull & Bones leaks appear to show that players will need to work hard for their ships

It sounds like building better ships in Skull & Bones will take some real effort.

Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones may not have a concrete release date, but there’s still an ocean of information about the tactical ship game out there. Much like the pirates the game revolves around, we just got ahold of some potential information we weren’t supposed to know just yet.

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Tom Henderson, known for reputably leaking game information, has taken to Twitter with a thread of new details about Skull & Bones. Henderson covers the types of ships you’ll acquire in the game, as well as the process for building each one.

The thread begins by describing five tiers of ships, ranked by size. These are then further distinguished by being designed specifically for cargo transport, combat, and exploration. A bigger ship isn’t always better, since smaller ships tend to be faster and capable of entering areas that bigger ones can’t. To unlock a new ship, you’ll first need its blueprint, which you can buy at settlements in the game.

The blueprint gives you instructions, but not the materials. Building a ship also costs resources, so you’ll need an adequate supply of wood, metal, and other materials to construct one. You can spend more of these to upgrade a ship with the addition of cannons, armor, storage boxes, and other enhancements. Ships start with an amount of these already, but it’s good to know you can make a ship your own via extra tools and weapons.

Once you’ve got your galleons ready, you can set out into Skull & Bones’ open world. Henderson mentions quests, ship-to-ship raids, and plundering settlements as common activities you’ll undertake. It’ll take about 15 minutes to sail across the entire ocean on the fastest ship, according to a second Twitter thread posted later.

The second thread also mentions the lack of combat on land. You’ll be able to walk around settlements safely, without the threat of other pirates. That’ll make it easier to stop in and buy the blueprints mentioned earlier.

Take all this with a grain of salt, of course. Henderson has a good reputation, but these are still unconfirmed leaks. Ubisoft hasn’t even announced an exact release date for Skull & Bones at this time. It was reportedly rebooted during development, so we’ll have to sit tight until more information is released.

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