Sonic Origins on Steam makes use of Denuvo DRM

Even Sonic can’t outrun DRM.

Sonic Origins

Screenshot via Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube

After today’s official announcement of a Sonic Origins release date, information has started trickling out that will likely worry fans. Aside from the controversy surrounding the compilation’s DLC and digital deluxe editions, there is something more sinister for the PC crowd — that being the inclusion of Denuovo DRM.

According to Sonic Origins’ Steam page, the title makes use of Denuvo DRM on the platform. This is bound to be a deal-breaker for PC players, which may want to hold off or purchase the collection on consoles instead. Alternatively, the Epic Games Store version does not seem to use Denuvo DRM. This would make sense considering the Epic Games Store page lists a slightly weaker Intel CPU under its minimum requirements than Steam’s equivalent requirements.

Despite the fact that consumers don’t react kindly to DRM, with modders often racing to crack it upon a game’s launch, it is still actively used across major and minor titles. Most notably in recent months, Dying Light 2 launched with Denuvo DRM on PC.

If you need a refresher on anti-tamper tech, Denuvo, much like other DRM implementations, verifies your ownership of a title through an internet connection. While it doesn’t require a constant connection to play, you will have to verify your connection following a specified amount of time, after you change your hardware, or after reinstalling the game. There is also the matter of its impact on performance, which varies from game to game.