Sons of the Forest crafts hype with all new multiplayer trailer

These sons don’t look friendly.

Image via Steam

Endnight Games is looking to build some anticipation this week for the imminent launch of its new standout title, Sons of the Forest. This game is a sequel to the 2018 sleeper survival horror hit, The Forest. The developer is looking to expand upon what made the original title great with a new narrative, better AI, and a much larger map. Sons of the Forest’s multiplayer mode is what many fans are looking forward to the most, and they now have a new trailer to show them what to expect.

IGN uploaded an exclusive multiplayer trailer for Sons of the Forest recently, which unveils a bit more about surviving the cabalistic wilderness with friends. Players will continue to work together and explore the wilds, diving into dark caves lit only by torches. Everyone will need to cooperate to craft fortifications against the harsh denizens of this forest, a process that is more organic and satisfying according to Endnight Games.

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Players will fight off cannibals much like in the original game, but Sons of the Forest has taken their AI and gone wild with it. Cannibals are said to launch coordinated attacks against players and show emotional reactions. The trailer gives a glimpse of this with one seemingly panicking on the ground in front of the player. New mutated enemy varieties are thrown into the mix, including ones that stretch out and fling themselves across the map. The player is even shown using a new taser baton weapon against cannibals.

Sons of the Forest enters early access on February 23. Players will be able to experience a new solo narrative as well in which they must search for a billionaire after finding themselves on this remote island. For those who don’t wish to play with other people, AI companions will assist in the struggle for survival during solo modes.