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When is the release date of Sons of the Forest? Answered

Return of the mutated cannibals.

Sons of the Forest, the highly anticipated sequel to the popular survival game The Forest, has been hit with multiple delays. After developer Endnight Games revealed the game during The Game Awards in 2019, news concerning the sequel has been sparse. The release dates were given for the title, but none have been able to stick. Endnight Games has now shared a new release date for Sons of the Forest in Early Access, and hopefully, the studio will be able to stick to it this time.

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Sons of the Forest release date

In November 2021, Endnight Games unveiled that Sons of the Forest would launch on May 20, 2022, for PC, which would have been eight years since the original game, The Forest, stormed Steam charts and forever cemented itself as a survival success story. But May 20 came and went, and the Sons of the Forest was never released.

The new release date share by Endnight Games puts Sons of the Forest releasing closer to nine years after the launch of the original game. On social media, Endnight Games share that it is aiming for February 23, 2023 release date for the game in Early Access. However, the studio admits it has been challenging to pinpoint an exact date for the title because of its scope.

What time does Sons of the Forest release?

Sons of the Forest is due to release on Early Access for all players globally at the same time, according to the Steam store page. Here is what time Sons of the Forest will unlock:

  • Pacific Time: 9:00 AM February 23
  • Central Time: 11:00 AM February 23
  • Eastern Time: 12:00 PM February 23
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 5:00 PM February 23
  • Central European Time: 6:00 PM February 23
  • Australian Eastern Time: 4:00 AM February 24

The game has only been confirmed for PC, where it will be available for $29.99 at Early Access launch. Whereas the previous game in the series was released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Android, Sons of the Forest will likely also release on other platforms in the future.

The new story for Sons of the Forest focuses on the main character going to a remote island to find a missing billionaire. Like the first Forest game, players need to craft, build and survive against cannibals. There will be many new features, including companions, improved crafting mechanics, and far more grotesque enemies to battle.

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