Sons of the Forest Steam page goes live, new details revealed

You’re not just surviving against cannibals.


Screenshot via Endnight Games

Game studio Endnight Games have at last revealed that the Steam page for Sons of the Forest is now live. The new page gives out more details on the upcoming horror-survival game, unveiling what players can expect in the game once it is eventually released.

The new story for Sons of the Forest has the main playable character go to a remote island to find a missing billionaire. Similar to the first Forest game, players need to craft, build and survive against cannibals. The main playable character will be all by themselves on the island, and players are given complete freedom to explore the island in any way they want.

Players will also be able to play the game with friends in co-op gameplay. More than one player can explore the island, and they can share items. The Steam homepage also describes enemies called Demons, which are mutated, human-like creatures. Demons can be armed with pistols and axes, making them more imposing than the typical cannibal.

The seasons on the island will also change, forcing players to adapt how they will need to survive over time. For example, players can fish for salmon on streams during the spring and summer. But players will also need to collect and store enough food to survive the winter.

Sons of the Forest is a sequel to the popular The Forest game which was released out of Early Access in April 2018 – and then went on to sell over 5.3 million copies by November 2018. The game was initially set to launch in May before it was postponed to some time in October 2022.