Sony is stealthily withdrawing the PlayStation Plus Collection from the PS5

A loss for new PlayStation 5 owners.


Image via Sony

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Plus Collection will be leaving the PlayStation 5 on May 9. The collection initially included 20 (now 19) games that PlayStation Plus subscribers could download onto their PS5. Players who have previously downloaded the games from the collection will still be able to access them after May 9. The announcement comes quietly, though, as it was revealed during the same time as their February lineup of free games. Walking back on such a fantastic offer for PS5 owners who have paid an absorbent amount for their console may not go well.

The PlayStation Plus Collection was announced in 2020 and allowed PS5 owners to download popular PS4 titles on the new console. Games in the collection include Batman: Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, Final Fantasy XV, God of War, Monster Hunter World, and so many more. Persona 5 used to be included in the collection until it was removed in May of 2022.

The collection incentivized players to buy a PS5 since the new console had a lighter launch lineup. With a great selection of games being offered alongside a subscription most players had, it exposed people to different types of games like Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, and Bloodborne. It also reinforced what a tremendous first-party lineup Sony created during the PS4 era.

Sony has previously mentioned that it doesn’t want to compete with Xbox Game Pass, as the expensive budgets of first-party titles would not fit with such a model. May 9 will come quickly, so if you have a PS5 or are thinking of getting one soon, do so and download these games before they’re no longer available for free.