Sony reveals more than 1.1 billion PlayStation 4 games have been sold

But it still hasn’t reached the PS2 record of 1.53 billion games sold.

Photo by Fabian Albert/CC

After selling 274 million games in 2019, the PlayStation 4 crossed over one billion total games sold on the console since its release in November 2013. This number includes retail store sales and online games sold through the PlayStation Store, but not DLC or other add-ons like microtransactions.

As of Jan. 31, the total number of games sold on the PS4 is 1.181 billion. Comparing that number to other Sony hardware, the PlayStation 3 sold a total of 999.4 million titles, and the PlayStation 2 sold 1.53 billion games. With the PlayStation 5 being released during the holiday season in 2020, we do not expect the PS4 to break any records.

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Crossing one billion games sold is not the only landmark Sony’s current console hit recently, as earlier in January, it announced reaching 106 million consoles sold worldwide. This puts the PS4 second on the list of highest selling home consoles, behind the PlayStation 2 at over 155 million sold. It is fourth on the all-time game console list, with the Nintendo DS in second with 154.02 million and the Game Boy and Game Boy Color at 118.69 million.

The announcement of the PS4 topping one billion games sold comes on the heels of the Nintendo Switch (probably) surpassing the Xbox One in sales. All three consoles have seen unquestionable success. While the Switch still has at least a few more years left in its life, the PS4 and Xbox One will be looking to end their current console generations strong.