Nintendo Switch has surpassed Xbox One’s shipments in only 34 months

The hybrid console just reached the same milestone it took Microsoft 74 months.

Nintendo Switch Pro Mid-2020

According to Niko Partners’ Daniel Ahmad, Nintendo Switch has surpassed Xbox One sales “during the Holiday quarter last year.”

The analyst shared on Twitter, Xbox One is not too far behind, but the most impressive figure is that Switch achieved this amount of shipments – more than 52 million units worldwide – in only 34 months while it took 74 months for Microsoft’s console to do the same.

Xbox One is not the most successful among Microsoft’s consoles. Still, this result truly is a testament to how good Nintendo Switch, and its highly competitive software portfolio, has been performing since launch in 2017.

According to the information gathered by Ahmad, “Switch is currently tracking inline with the Nintendo DS, which had also received a boost due to the release of a new model.”

Nintendo Switch received a Lite model last September and is rumored to be adding one more SKU with a powerful and possibly 4K-capable Pro release. The new SKU could further boost sales, and most importantly, keep the family of consoles relevant as Microsoft and Sony prepare to ship their next-generation platforms.

While Switch is approaching the middle of its lifecycle, Xbox One is about to reach the finish line, and this – together with the inflation of Fortnite compared to 2019 – has brought the Xbox business to have negative results throughout the last quarter.

Only services, such as Game Pass and Live, performed well. The result is consistent with Microsoft’s vision that it doesn’t matter where you play your games between Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC, as the company is aiming at subscriptions and software growth as the primary target.