Sony shares a first look at the new headset design for PSVR2

The design is inspired by the PS5.


Image via Sony

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Sony has shared new information about the headset design for PSVR2. In a new post on the PlayStation Blog, the company has outlined the inspirations behind the design and some of the desired functionality that helped shape it.

PSVR2 will be Sony’s second foray into the world of virtual reality, and this device is exclusive to the PS5. As a result, the headset’s design was heavily influenced by the PS5, ensuring that there’s a visual flow between the devices that’s never broken. More than that, though, the device’s “orb look” helps it blend well with the controllers and allows more space for the 360-degree view that players will be able to experience.

The headset has been built to help users almost forget that they’re wearing it, creating a truly immersive experience that’s only broken when it needs to be. It uses the same mechanical functions as the original PSVR, with a slider for the display to be pulled away from the eyes during setup or between uses. In addition, the head strap can be extended to fit a range of head sizes, and the headphone slot is on the back of that strap, meaning both wired or over-ear headphones can be worn with ease.

A new slider for the lenses allows users to adjust the position of the display within the headset once the rest of the device fits comfortably. This will help users adjust PSVR2 for the best gameplay experience possible.

Finally, senior art director for Sony Interactive Entertainment Yujin Morisawa explained that he put a lot of work with engineers into the new vent positioned just above and below where users’ eyes sit. This keeps the lenses from fogging up and maintains a comfortable experience for a longer period of time.