SoS: A Wonderful Life Players Relish in Breaking Matthew By Romancing Cecilia

On my way to steal your gurl.

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Though Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life lets you build relationships with the villagers, that doesn’t mean villagers won’t ever interact with one another. Vesta, your lovely farm neighbor, is Matthew’s older sister. There’s a third person running errands in this house, Celia, who is a victim of Matthew’s possessiveness. 

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This is just one reason why SoS: A Wonderful Life players have taken a unanimous stand against Matthew, one of the available marriage candidates. Though Matthew might be one of the easiest bachelors to court, players have decided to ditch him for another farmhand at Vesta’s farm: Celia.

Divorce Matthew, Marry Best Girl Celia Instead

Matthew’s possessiveness over Celia has been a significant turn-off for many players. His disapproval of players pursuing a romantic relationship with her has only fueled their determination to rebel against his controlling ways. To add insult to injury, it turns out that Matthew is not exactly the ideal husband material. He shirks his responsibilities around the farm, refusing to lend a helping hand, clean, or even cook. In short, he is the epitome of uselessness.

In light of these revelations, players have rallied behind Celia, described as kind-hearted and highly skilled in tending the farm’s fields. Her warmth, dedication, and willingness to contribute have endeared her to players seeking a partner who can honestly share the joys and challenges of farm life. The fact that she is also a much more pleasant companion than the cold and unhelpful Matthew only solidifies the players’ decision to ditch him in favor of a more rewarding relationship.

The cherry on top seems to be the extra dose of salt rubbed into Matthew’s wound when players proudly showcase their virtual children with Celia, emphasizing the happiness they have found with the girl he was so possessive of.

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As the game continues to provide players with the freedom to choose their romantic partners, it seems clear that Matthew will have a tough time redeeming himself in the eyes of the community. In the meantime, players can revel in their newfound happiness, knowing they have made the right choice by leaving Matthew in the dust.