Spells & Secrets Rivals Hogwarts Legacy with Pre-Launch Character Creator

Upcoming magical game Spells & Secrets posted a preview of their character creation, and it has us spellbound.

Spells and Secrets Cover

Image via rokaplay

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of Hogwarts Legacy is the fact that you can create your very own magical character to live out your dreams as a student of witchcraft and wizardry. For a variety of reasons, however, not everyone wants to spend their spellcasting time at a certain famous school and may be looking for other games to scratch a similar itch. Plus, can you ever really have enough when it comes to cozy witchy RPGs set at magic schools?

One contender is indie game Spells & Secrets, which is set to launch in November of 2023. This self-described “comfort-roguelight” game released a preview of their character creation tool to give fans something to get excited about, and it looks just bewitching enough to rival Hogwarts Legacy.

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Create Your Spells & Secrets Character For Free

Spells & Secrets took to Twitter to share a preview character creation video and let fans know they’ll soon be able to build their character before the game launches for free.

While the full game launch isn’t scheduled until November, the character creation feature will be a standalone download planned for this month. This will let gamers create their witch, wizard, or magical human for free, during spooky season no less. We can’t think of a better way to get excited to explore the game world of Greifenstein.

The video preview shows all kinds of available character customizations, including body type, skin tone, hair color and style, and even birthmarks. Not to mention plenty of adorable outfits to get your character ready to learn spells in style.

You can add the Spells & Secrets character creator to your Steam wishlist now to get notified when it’s available to download. The full Spells & Secrets game has a November 9th release date and will be available across platforms including PC, Xbox X/S, Switch, and PS5.