Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get The 2nd Broom Upgrade

Unlock the power of your broom in Hogwarts Legacy! Discover how to obtain the elusive 2nd broom upgrade with our step-by-step guide.

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In the Hogwarts Legacy, flying brooms are a standard mode of transportation for witches and wizards. It is a means that every Harry Potter aficionado is a fan of and an integral part of players’ journey in the game. Players will also need to upgrade their brooms to keep up with the game’s pace. While the first upgrade for the broom is easier to achieve, the second one has left many scratching their heads. This is because certain prerequisites need to be fulfilled in order to upgrade the broom the second time. If you are unable to get the 2nd broom upgrade in Hogwarts Legacy and are looking for a solution, refer to the guide below.

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Where to Find 2nd Broom Upgrade in Hogwarts Legacy

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Before you go for the 2nd broom upgrade in Hogwarts Legacy, make sure it has already been upgraded once. When you buy the broom in the game, you’ll also unlock the “Flight Test” side quest, which will be your pathway to upgrading the broom. The quest will take you to Imelda Reyes, who will put you on a speed test. The time trial’s objective is to pass through rings on your broom while collecting as many gold bubbles as possible.

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The quicker you are able to finish the trial, the higher points you’ll accumulate. Remember that you’ll need to beat the 2nd time trial given by Imelda Reyes to upgrade the broom 2nd time. Once you achieve the goal, talk to Alabie Weekes, the owner of Spintwitches Sporting Needs, who is responsible for all broom-related stuff. If you are unaware of his shop, it is located in Hogsmeade. Tell him about your success in the Imelda Reyes time trial, and he will eventually start working on the upgrade.

The second broom upgrade will cost you 4000g in Hogwarts Legacy, so keep the required amount ready. Furthermore, the 2nd upgrade won’t be available if you haven’t completed the “In the Shadow of Mine quest.