Spicy Cult of the Lamb Tweet Turns Promise Into Questionable Viral Bandwagon

Cult of the Lamb offered an interesting new game feature in exchange for followers and it worked so well, every game wants a piece

Cult of the Lamb Spicy

Image via Massive Monster

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Cult of the Lamb took to X (formerly Twitter) with an interesting promise to add some adult content to the game if they hit 300k followers. Their tweet went viral, garnering more than the requested followers, and has now spurred several games to follow suit.

After Cult of the Lamb’s questionable promise raised their follower count in a dramatic fashion, other games are jumping on the bandwagon with their own dubious deals for followers. Not all of the developers are willing to promise Baldur’s Gate 3 levels of spice, but there are definitely some interesting offers in the mix.

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Cult of the Lamb Dubious Promise Works So Well, Other Games Are Joining In

When @CultOfTheLamb promised to give gamers some spice if they reached 300K followers before the end of the year, did they expect to hit that goal so quickly? We may never know, but we do know the Tweet is viral, and the followers are rolling in.

Now at well over 400K followers, Cultofthelamb has agreed they will make good on their promise with a tentative update for early 2024. In response to the overwhelming success of this campaign for internet fame, other games are jumping aboard the trend with promises of their own.

Moonstone Island, for instance, is offering up a different add-on that starts with s. Their callout for 100K followers ends with “soup > sex. you heard it here first.” FarmFolks, on the other hand, is a game to add some farmyard fun in exchange for a topically appropriate 69K followers. They’re not the only account willing to hop on to the X-rated trend, which begs the question… is Indie gaming about to get as spicy as all those Astarion thirst memes in my timeline?

In addition to the plethora of quote tweets making follower bargains, games like MonsterProm that already feature adult fun times have also jumped in, joking that they should’ve thought to request a following before giving up the goods.

Whether this trend works as well for other games as it did for Cult of the Lamb remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure… it’s been an unexpected couple of hours in the gaming social media world.