Spider-Man Box Art Very Close To Finish, Tweets Art Director


Spider-Man Art Director Jacinda Chew shared an interesting update on twitter about this upcoming PS4 exclusive action-adventure games box art. Through multiple tweets, Jacinda shared small short yet interesting updates about the game, but it does not reveal much. We had already seen a lot in the game teaser, where the mighty Spider-Man is back in the city with amazing swinging style and ready to fight new monsters.


Last year through a Special Livestream session, developers had shared important info about map, game settings and characters. The current update about box-art, Jacinda updated that they are very close to finalizing it and soon it is going to hit the stores.

Spider-Man will also a extensive gameplay, which means there will be a lot of fresh things to discover if you had plans to replay the game in different difficulty modes. The game is set in a modern-day New York city with open-world features. Through Spider-Man abilities, players can perform the signature web-swing and web crawl. Along with this, there are also many new gameplay events that will let players perform different parkour stunts.

Peter Parker is also a playable character in few parts of the game, among popular characters Mary Jane is also in the game with some playable moments. The game looks very interesting through videos with all new story line and game mechanism. Spider-Man’s official release date has not yet been announced, the game is speculated to be released in 2018.