Spider-Man PS4 Day One Patch Changelog Leaked: Adds NG+ And Photo Mode?

Insomniac Games - Spider-Man Game For PS4

Insomniac Games have confirmed a Day One Patch for Spider-Man PS4 a long time back. This time around we have some additional information on what all additional improvements and features the Day One patch are going to add. The details were shared by YouTuber Evan Filarca (the man behind the popular Twitter handle “spidey_squad”).

Spider-Man PS4 Day One Patch Changelog Leaked

The review copies of Spider-Man PS4 is already available to select few media outlets and it seems like Evan Filarca is one of the select few lucky ones to own it (as confirmed by Evan himself). Evan recently shared the following message in the comment section of one of his videos (thanks to Reddit user ShadowDust200 for discovering it) which hints that the Spider-Man PS4 Day One patch will add some of the most awaited features: Photo Mode and New Game Plus (NG+) mode.

The full message from Evan reads: “And right after I made this video there‚Äôs an also been an update from Insomniac and Marvel saying that there will indeed be a day one patch of Spider-Man PS4, including:

  • New Game + along with the additional Ultimate difficulty level
  • Continued additional polish and minor bug fixing
  • Photo Mode, including the ability to add fun stickers and frames

If this turns out to be true then it will be an icing on the cake for PlayStation fans as they will be able to access the Photo Mode and NG+ (which will add replayability value to the game) right from the day one of the launch.


Spider-Man PS4 is scheduled to launch worldwide on September 7. The review embargo will end on September 4 at 7 AM Pacific.

Source: Reddit