Spider-Man PS4 Design Director Played Through The Game Thrice, Each Playthrough Lasted Multiple Days

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Recently, Insomniac Games revealed that they will be holding a two-day long playtest of its upcoming Spider-Man game. Following to that Brian Horton, Game Design Director tweeted stating that each playthrough has taken multiple days and that he has finished playing the game thrice already.

Spider-Man PS4 Playthrough Lasted Multiple Days

Now, this does not mean that the game is small, as he mentioned each playthrough (gameplay) takes multiple days. From this, we can say that the game is almost complete as there is a complete playthrough, from start to end available with the developers. We should also keep in mind that the game which the developers played are not often the full-feature version of the game. It is just that the game’s primary story might be in place and are giving the game a run.

QA tester Chris Sosnowski also took to Twitter and posted “Most people think that myself and my coworkers get paid to play video games all day. For the past two days, that’s actually exactly what happened. #SpiderManPS4 is pretty rad, yo.”

From his tweet we can assume that the game has a beefy length, considering the fact that Brian Horton’s sessions lasted multiple days too.