Insomniac Developer Confirms Spider-Man Is A 2018 Game


PS4 exclusive Spider-Man has not received any release date yet but to some extent, it is confirmed the game will be certainly releasing this year. The news is coming via forum Resetera, where the official Developer of Insomniac Games has replied on a thread and confirmed that Spider-Man is a 2018 game. You can check out the thread details on the source link at the end of this news.

Spider Man Release 2018

Recently Spider-Man Art Director Jacinda Chew shared through twitter the game box-art is very close to finishing and the game is going to hit the stores really soon. Still, the actual release date is not shared by the game developer, they had however confirmed it with the word “soon”. Through a special live stream sessions leading officials from the studio shared info on the game map, settings, characters, etc. According to the shared details, there will be a wide range of costumes to pick, there will be stunning animation and a massive open-world map.

Spider-Man is set in modern-day New York City. Players can use the super abilities of Spider-Man to sling along buildings or crawl over them. In some sections, you can also play as Peter Parker. A lot of things are unclear, the only best update we have is the game trailer to get a view of the game and its mechanism.

In the new Spider-Man game you will be fighting with the entirely new enemy, there is no info whether any existing villains will have their appearance. We will update you more on the game soon.

Source: Resetera