Spider-Man Wants To Be “At The Same Level” With Rocksteady And Batman: Arkham

Spider-man The Heist DLC Suits

Spider-Man is almost upon us, after years and years of long wait, and all the things we’ve seen thus far have allowed us to make a clearer idea of what the game is all about.

Especially in the first exhibitions, it looked like the game was kind of a Batman: Arkham re-skin, and even though that was something that revealed true only very partially, Insomniac Games is not refusing the comparison.


During a recent roundtable, creative director Bryan Intihar discussed the matter, revealing that it’s right to say that the developer had Rocksteady’s work of gaming reboot on Batman as a model and an inspiration for this game.

“Let me get ahead of you: yes, we played the Batman Arkham games and many fans have asked how we’re going to compare with the quality standard they were able to set,” Intihar said when asked about influences.

“Rocksteady redefined the quality of superhero games and we want to be at their same level.”

So, on top of the videos you might have already watched, you have another element of comparison to know what the upcoming Spider-Man’s going to be all about.

It’s releasing September 7, 2018, so it won’t take that long to see whether this ends up being true or not.

Source: WCCFTech