Square Enix Starts 2024 Promising To Be “Aggressive in Applying AI” To Upcoming Content

Square Enix’s President releases the New Year’s letter for 2024, highlighting the use of AI in future games development.

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Technology continues to evolve rapidly, and the hottest trend is the use of Artificial Intelligence, AI. To start 2024, Square Enix President and Representative Director Takashi Kiryu released a letter sharing his interest in adding more AI processes in developing future games.

The New Year’s Letter was meant to address the previous challenges of the past few years, notably the considerable upset of recent global events. Now, AI has become a huge discussion point, and it looks like Square Enix are prepared to make it a staple point on how they develop games in the future and attempt to unlock what it perceives to be untapped potential.

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Square Enix Wants to Use AI Assist in Developing Future Games

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The full New Year’s letter from Kiryu is available for everyone to read. He begins discussing the use of AI and the potential applications for it in the fourth paragraph, admitting that the use of it has been the subject of several academic debates.

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Kiryu shares that AI’s rapid growth and general use has proven that it could be used outside of purely text-based programs. Several image-based AI are available to users to create multiple images, videos, and music. “I believe that generative AI has the potential not only to reshape what we create, but also to fundamentally change the processes by which we create, including programming,” says Kiryu.

Square Enix will be “aggressively applying” AI programs to their development and publishing functions and other cutting-edge technologies. Kiryu believes that applying these technologies should assist in the development of productivity, giving them great sophistication. In the long term, these programs could create additional content for consumers as they hint at potential business opportunities that could open up for them, including blockchain entertainment, AI, and the cloud.

Kiryu further addresses that resources within Square Enix are slowly being moved to support these areas of entertainment, hoping to make them a fundamental process of their business. How this will be included in future games developed by Square Enix has not been fully addressed, but we expect to hear further details as we continue through 2024.

The use of AI is a difficult topic, with many locations taking a stand against the use of this technology. Although the programs can be helpful, several entities have started treating them as replacements for humans working behind the computers, who properly breathe life into the many games and pieces of entertainment we actively enjoy daily. Hopefully, Square Enix holds to this standard, and continues to support their employees on a global scale in their day-to-day endeavors.