Final Fantasy XIV – Job Tier List

With 7.0 on the horizon, which are the best and worst classes Final Fantasy XIV has to offer right now?

All Jobs Tier List 6.5 FFXIV

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Final Fantasy XIV has a complex roster of jobs for you. While this is mainly a choice you should make based on your personal preferences, you should also weigh in if your chosen gig can at least handle a goofy slime before committing hours, maybe even weeks, to it.

You’ll be happy to know any given job can get you through all of Final Fantasy XIV’s main storyline and side content at any level of difficulty, though some will require more hustle than others. If this is your first time switching jobs, or maybe you’re deciding which should be your starting job in Final Fantasy XIV, don’t think too much about it: if something doesn’t feel right, switch to a new one. I crashed trying to master Sage when it was all the rage in late 2022. Lesson learned: don’t follow my path of burnout. Just because a job is “the best” doesn’t mean it’s the best for you. Still, you’ll want to know which ones seem to be working for most players before diving in headfirst.

Best Tanks in Final Fantasy XIV

Best Tank Jobs FFXIV
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4. Paladin

Paladin isn’t terrible but falls short with the game updates and recent class changes. Unless you’re dead-set on feeding your hero ego, any other tank is smarter.

3. Dark Knight

Dark Knight is great for shielding other party members, but always as an off-tank, never as the main one. On the bright side, dungeon pulls as a Dark Knight work wonderfully.

2. Gunbreaker

The Gunbreaker excels in various scenarios. For starters, its combat rotation is a spectacle. I’ve more than once stared in awe at whatever it is these guys are doing in combat. It’s sparkly.

1. Warrior

The Warrior stands as the undisputed tank king. At the moment, it boasts the shortest queue time. And for good reason. They’ve got the highest damage output in Savage Ultimates and Ex Trials, with unparalleled mitigation and solo capabilities. Warrior is a solid choice for any content and one of the best jobs in Final Fantasy XIV for casual or hardcore players.

Best Melee DPS in Final Fantasy XIV

Best Melee DPS FFXIV
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5. Dragoon

The concept of the Dragoon is excellent. We’ve all fought these guys in a Final Fantasy before. They’re epic. Playing Dragoon, however, gets you a bloated hot bar packed with actions that don’t deliver much impact.

4. Monk

In the past few years, Monk went from OK to bad and then to great in 6.5. However, it’s such an unstable class that you might not want to risk relearning the basics of your rotation over and over with every patch.

3. Ninja

The Ninja shines in dungeons, providing excellent support to clear out enemies quickly before the tank gets overwhelmed. However, the class took a massive hit in 6.0, and I don’t think it’s fully recovered since.

2. Reaper

Reapers can be devastating when fully optimized. At first, playing Reaper feels quite cyclical and brain-dead. However, you’ll notice that it’s a high-effort, high-reward job.

1. Samurai 

If big numbers are your craving, the Samurai delivers one of the best jobs in Final Fantasy XIV. If you’re looking for sheer damage output, which is typically what the DPS is in charge of, nothing beats the Samurai. 

Best Ranged DPS in Final Fantasy XIV

Best Ranged DPS FFXIV
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3. Bard

Bard gives me the action shooter feel and feels great in dungeons. I’ll always have a soft spot for my first class in the game, but even I can admit it goes stale in the late game.

2. Dancer

Although Dancer and Bard perform similarly, Dancer takes the lead in popularity for tackling difficult content. Its clean 2-minute burst aligns well with certain party compositions.

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1. Machinist

Bring out the big guns, people. Machinists edge out the competition with flexibility and solid mid-tier performance. It’s one of the best jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, especially for those who love dealing massive damage from afar.

Best Casters in Final Fantasy XIV

Best Caster DPS FFXIV
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3. Red Mage

Despite improvements, Red Mage lags. The concept of being able to cast all types of magic is great on paper, but it ends up being lukewarm in practice. 

2. Black Mage

The Black Mage stands as the polar opposite of the Monk. 

Across expansions, the Black Mage has stayed rock-solid. Playing as a Black Mage is a blast if you’re into reliability and comfort like me.

1. Summoner

If there’s one thing I expect from my casters, they shine in dungeons and open-world content. With its high burst opportunities and new shields, the Summoner leads the pack as one of the best jobs in Final Fantasy XIV.

Best Healers in Final Fantasy XIV

Best Healer Jobs FFXIV
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4. Astrologian

Astrologians have had a slight dip in popularity lately, but they can still catch up with the rest of the healers if you work yourself to death. And that’s a price I’m willing to pay to be a cool Madoka Magica card-dealing healer.

3. Sage

Sage might be the most versatile healer out there. It demands effort, but I’ve witnessed it flawlessly handle every scenario in the game.

2. Scholar

These healers offer the most utility out there. Instead of healing or reviving when a party member dies, a Scholar is meant to focus on preventing sudden health drops. It’s a rare healing class that works beautifully when mastered.

1. White Mage

White Mage proves there is beauty in simplicity. This class’ raw healing output makes it a solid choice. In dungeons, its straightforward approach shines throughout all expansions, making it one of the best jobs in Final Fantasy XIV.