Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Devs Delight in Community Turgle Reactions

The frog Is very adorable.

Turgle Frog in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Screenshot by Gamepur

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is popular for more reasons than one. The game is a direct sequel to 2019’s Fallen Order and features some charming elements. It has some amazing customization features between the lightsaber and BD-1, but these features aren’t where the cuteness stops.

Turgle the Frog is a character that is a toad frog. He is someone who players encounter while playing through Jedi: Survivor. Fans are finding him adorable and rejoicing over him all over social media. Some of them aren’t even playing the game but are praising this frog.

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Turgle The Frog Pleases Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Players

Fans are taking to social media to show fanarts of this frog, like the tweet above where the poster didn’t know anything about the frog but claimed that he looks so funny, which he does. Big long eyes, a round froggy belly with a little belt, and who has really ever seen a frog stand on two legs? Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players will encounter Turgle the Frog early on at the Pyloon’s Saloon, so definitely stop in and say hello.

Star Wars fans have been taking to social media to discuss this turgle frog and some of the insiders. Justin Perez, Designer on Jedi Survivor and Fallen Order, has shared information regarding how the Respawn Entertainment developers figured this frog would be a star to the game and its fans.

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The pros and cons that Justin Perez shared make the social media encounters all that more wholesome. Players can play Star Wars: Jedi Survivor now and meet the adorable frog everyone is fangirling and boying over fairly quickly. Seeing gaming fans and developers come together in these ways online is truly remarkable.