Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – How to get Chamber of Connection Chest

The chest inside Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Chamber of Connection is hidden, but we can help you track it down.

There are dozens of collectible items for you to find as you explore Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. These items are useful to give you powerful boosts, or they might give you a new appearance item to add to your growing collection.

You can find some of these items in the High Republic Chambers, like the Chamber of Connection. The Chamber of Connection has a chest inside of it that you can find while exploring it, but it’s not a straightforward item for you to locate. You’ll need to do some digging to find it. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the chest inside the Chamber of Connection in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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Where to Find the Chamber of Connection Chest in Jedi: Survivor

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The Chest inside the Chamber of Connection can be found while you’re attempting to solve it in Jedi: Survivor on Koboh. You need to get to the point where you’ve acquired the orb from the front of the chamber and activated the Koboh Laser at the center. From here, make your way to the second floor, in the hallway to the left of the Koboh Laser, and then jump across the room to the center.

When you get to this point, use BD-1’s Koboh Grinder and use it on the wall. Drag it across the wall, standing on the pedestal and crossing it from one side of the room to the other, standing on the pedestals to close the metal doors over the waterfalls. The waterfalls prevent the Jedi: Survivor’s Koboh Matter from connecting.

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When you reach the right side, point the Koboh Grinder on the floor, and drag it across the front of the room, bringing it to the other side. There is a large wall of Koboh Matter blocking your path, and when you connect the firey path you’ve made, you’ll destroy the wall and reveal the chest. It contains a Jedi: Survivor appearance item for your lightsaber.

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You can grab the materials inside the chest and collect the final collection items inside Jedi: Survivor’s Chamber of Connection. It’s not required to complete the Jedi Chamber or the Alignment Control Center Screens Puzzle, but it’s good to complete as many items as possible.

And that’s it! Check out our other Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guides below so you don’t miss any hidden secrets on your journey.

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