Stardew Valley Devs Tease 1.6 Update Content Ahead Of Release

Prepare for more Stardew Valley content!

While previous hints have left us asking more questions, ConcernedApe has finally dropped a great bundle of information that clears up a few details for the next update for Stardew Valley. While there’s no actual release date yet, the hints as to what’s to come are enough to tide fans over.

It’s been nearly three years since the last major Stardew Valley update release, and the upcoming 1.6 update will bring in new items, crafting recipes, festivals, and much more for Stardew Valley players to enjoy.

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ConcernedApe Reveals Sneak Peek For Stardew Valley 1.6 Content Update

Before the hints dropped recently, little was known about the highly anticipated 1.6 update for Stardew Valley. All we knew before this point was that Joja was getting a bit of an update, and a new festival being placed on the calendar. With this further information gracefully given by ConcernedApe, we now know at least some of the contents of what 1.6 will entail when it arrives. They emphasized that there’s no date set yet, but if previous tweets are any evidence, we do know that ConcernedApe is working on completing this new release before returning to Haunted Chocolatier.

Now that we have this announcement, we know a few more key things. For one, there’s not just one new festival coming around, but technically three! The update also seems to emphasize more end-game mechanics, like Joja development, skill trees for players, and dialogue for some NPCs. According to tweets from Concerned Ape, 1.6 Update’s biggest focus is to help Stardew Valley mesh better with current and future modding efforts. Below are all the updates we can look forward to in the 1.6 update for Stardew Valley:

  • Three new festivals: One major, two minor.
  • Late game content: New skills for players to develop, Joja alternatives as well.
  • New goodies: Brand new items and crafting recipes will roll out.
  • Dialogue: Over 100+ lines of dialogue for various characters.
  • Rewards: New rewards will be set in place for those completing billboard requests.
  • Winter styles: Many, if not all, villagers will receive winter outfits for the colder seasons.
  • General support: PC players will be able to enjoy 8-player multiplayer modes. Plenty of fixes, adjustments, and other tweaks are coming along with the update.
  • New farm type: If you want to start a new playthrough, you can do so with a new farm type! No details as to what it is though.