The different farm layouts and their bonuses in Stardew Valley

Pick the ideal farm for what you want to do.

When Stardew Valley first launched, every player started on a standard farm. It had a basic layout and granted everyone an in-depth level of customization so you can make it how you wanted it to work. Now, there are several different starting farm layouts, and some of them encourage players to focus on a particular aspect of the game.

Standard Farm

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The Standard Farm is the layout of the original farm first given to players when Stardew Valley initially launched. It’s ideal for straightforward farming, raising animals, and constructing helpful buildings for their farming resources.

Riverland Farm

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Rather than as much farming land, the Riverland Farm contains several rivers running through it for players who prefer fishing. You can catch fish you’d normally have to leave your land to obtain, but it has a higher chance for you to catch trash than normal. You want to utilize the fishing available here and spend time leveling it up here.

Forest Farm

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The Forest Farm contains trees normally found in the Secret Woods, among berry bushes. The west side of the farm spawns eight Large Stumps that you can harvest from each day using a bronze ax. These Large Stumps drop hardwood. There are several weeds guaranteed to drop mixed seeds each day, too. Unfortunately, there are more ponds than the standard farm contains. You want to lean towards foraging with this farm map.

Hill-top Farm

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You can find several mineral deposits all over the Hill-top Farm. There are spawns of Stones, Ore, and Geodes available on the land, but you need to increase your overall mining level to increase your chances of finding them and obtaining them. The cliffs and stream running through the farmland make it difficult for large layouts of farming, but you can place pockets throughout the region. The stream does provide river fish, but there’s an increased chance of reeling in trash.

Wilderness Farm

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For those who want a bit more danger at night, you can choose to make a living at the Wilderness Farm. At night, monsters come out and wander your farm, but they do scale to your level, so you don’t need to worry about finding a powerful one wandering around. Feel free to grab these creatures outside while they walk around, rather than locating them in the mine. The lake in the lower-left side of the map contains lake fish, which you can normally find by the mountain, but there’s an increased chance to catch trash.

Four Corners Farm

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The final available farm is fairly large, broken up into four different sections. These sections are ideal for Stardew Valley players who plan to play in the multiplayer portion of the game and have additional players on the map. The different corners include a small Forest Farm in the top left, the standard farm in the top right, the Hill-top forest in the bottom right, and then a section with a pond in it in the bottom left. It is the largest available farm of the options.