Starfield Consumes More Time From Fans Recreating In-Game Locations with LEGO

Starfield fans are getting creative, using a digital program to recreate the game’s most iconic location out of LEGO.

starfield new atlantis

Screenshot by Gamepur

Starfield is a massive game that gives players an overwhelming number of planets to explore, quests to complete, and places to see. With five days of early access in the game, some players have already put in a huge number of hours, but they’ve somehow still found time for Starfield side projects.

Today, one player posted an image of an incredible recreation of Starfield’s New Atlantis location, the first major city players visit. The most impressive part of this build is that the player has managed to create it without the use of an in-game map… because there isn’t one.

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Starfield Player Recreates New Atlantis Using Lego Without In-Game Map

After spending 50 hours in the game during the five-day early access period, one Starfield player has today shared their dedicated Lego recreation of one of the title’s cities, New Atlantis. The Lego build is still a work in progress, as the poster is using Bricklink Studio to create the mockup, a Lego creator program.

We think this build is incredibly impressive because there’s no in-game map of New Atlantis. That means the poster built the city based on what characters see while walking around on foot. Some fans have been commenting about how the Lego creation has actually helped them understand how each portion of the city is connected. “Holy s**t, with the game missing a map in general, I cannot comprehend the structure of New Atlantis and how the districts are connected together. This helps tremendously.”

Other commenters echo our thoughts on the amazing image. “If this was an actual LEGO set, I would buy this in a heartbeat.” Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there’s no Lego Ideas page for this or any Starfield creations. Based on the reaction from players in this post, though, it’s only a matter of time before one is made and gets voted for enough to become a real product.

Perhaps the best thing about this build is that it’s managed to surprise players who have spent a decent number of hours in the game already. “Whaat?? 30 hours in, and I thought it was flat :O I think I still have something to explore on Jemison”

Earlier this year, Bethesda shared another Starfield Lego build, this time a model of the Frontier ship players pick up after leaving the starting location.

This just shows how passionate the fan base is about Starfield. Even before the game was out, they were finding ways to bring it to life, and that hasn’t stopped now the full release is available to everyone on Game Pass.