Starfield Dads Rally Support for Younger Fan Who Thinks He Won’t Have Much Time for the Game

A soon-to-be father has been met with hundreds of supportive comments after posting how Starfield is the last game he’ll be immersed in.


Image via Bethesda

With 1,000 planets to explore, most fans eagerly anticipate spending hundreds of hours exploring everything Starfield offers. One father-to-be posted today about how it’ll likely be the last game he can dive into and spend 10 hours playing each evening. But the Starfield dads have banded together like a group of rough-and-ready spacefaring troublemakers to reassure him that’s not the case.

The post is filled with hundreds of replies from like-minded players. Some are retired with their children all grown up, and some are just a few years ahead of the original poster, but everyone is explaining how they still spend tens of hours in the games they love without dropping the ball as a father.

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Dads Offer Tips on How to Play Starfield Around Day-to-Day Parenting

Early today, a soon-to-be dad posted on the Starfield Subreddit about how much he’s looking forward to the game. However, his post is tinged with disappointment because he believes this is the last game from a developer he loves that he’ll get to delve into and immerse himself in every night for dozens of hours.

Thankfully, the view that this man would lose his gaming time just because he’s going to be a father was quickly debunked by hundreds of dads who managed to make it work. “38 here and 💯 this is accurate. The first few months I actually had lots of time to game but it meant gaming at like 3 AM while I bounced on a ball for hours. Then for a few years I wasn’t playing much PC but primarily focused on games that were easy to walk away from and were portable so that was my Switch era. Now she’s seven and we game together. Just got finished playing Goat Simulator 3 with her which was hilarious.”

The comments come from dads in all stages of life. From those who have just had children, to those who are about to retire with no kids living at home. “Coming from a married man and father of 4 children, all living at home (youngest ones are 3 and 7). I still have time to do a lot of what I like to do.”

There are far too many examples to list in this article, but the resounding response from each and every father commenting on this post is that yes, parents do lose some gaming time when their children are born, but that’s because they’re doing it right. They’re prioritizing raising their kids well, and the game time comes back into rotation once the toddler years ease up, the kids move out, or it becomes about playing with family instead of alone.

Some of the funniest responses come from dads who are about to retire, preparing to spend sleepless nights exploring the stars as they approach 70. They’re clearly at an age where they know what they like and dislike. It shows that even if parenting must take up all a dad’s time due to certain circumstances, games will always be waiting for them to return to when they have the time.