Starfield Fans Fear As Review Bombers Allegedly Prep To Tank Score

Some user just seem determined to ruin the fun for everyone else.


Image via Bethesda

With Starfield’s release fast approaching, players are excited to play the space epic when it releases next month. However, it’s far more fun for some people to try and ruin others’ enjoyment.

In a rather brazen, albeit useless move, some users have announced their intention to review bomb the upcoming game to tank its review score, and some fans are expectedly a little concerned.

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Salty Players Are Publicly Declaring Their Intentions to Review Bomb Bethesda’s Newest Title

Image via Bethesda

Users have taken to social media like Reddit and X (formally Twitter) in recent days to publicly state their plans to review bomb Starfield, the newest title from Bethesda, ultimately with the intention to troll or create the illusion that the game sucks. Naturally, some fans have expressed concerns about how this could affect the game’s reception, but there are just as many poking fun or pointing out how stupid this move is.

Over on Reddit, u/OhManIforgotMyBrain encapsulates this sentiment perfectly, stating, “I don’t understand why so many people are committed to shitting on bgs If you don’t like their games don’t play them, let the rest of us be.” Others share the same point and discuss potential reasons, such as the games being an Xbox exclusive or the idea of the rather childish “console war” debate, but regardless, most users just seemed perplexed by the need to be negative.

For those unfamiliar, review bombing is the act of multiple people, or a few with a lot of time on their hands, posting negative reviews about a piece of media, in this case, gaming. The intention can be to either draw attention to potential issues, show dissatisfaction with a product, point out a message or viewpoint that could be seen as political or cultural, or in some cases, just to be negative and ruin other’s enjoyment.

It’s not uncommon to see this happen nowadays in gaming, and on occasion, it may be warranted, like a particularly broken game being released or if a developer is making very anti-consumer decisions. With that said, it is often used as a way to sour people’s enjoyment or just be negative for the sake of it, so even if this supposed flood of review bombing does happen, look to credited sites for reviews or respected and level-headed content creators for opinion.

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Or, you can get the game you want and have been excited for, enjoy it how you want, and ignore the negativity. In fact, do that anyway.

Starfield will be released on September 6th for PC and Xbox Series X/S. Players who purchase the premium edition can play on September 1st with five days of early access.