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Starfield Fans Honor Fallen Spacefarer By Dedicating Ship & Character Names

Players are planning to honor their fellow explorer in their own space adventures.

Starfield is nearly here, and plenty of players are getting ready to take off into its vast galaxies and enjoy what the game has to offer. Amid their excitement, players have taken a moment to remember Alex Hay, a fan who lost his battle with lung cancer before getting a chance to play the game.

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To honor this fan, players have taken to Reddit to remember them and make a point of naming their ships and characters after Alex, so no matter what, he will get to see the stars with all of us.

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Players Take a Moment to Remember Alex Hay and Discuss How They Will Honor Their Fellow Explorer

Image via Bethesda

In March, Alex Hay was a fan who shared on Reddit that they were “gutted” that Starfield had been delayed, which is understandable; however, in this case, the reason is much sadder. Alex was battling lung cancer when making his post, and had stopped treatment some time before. Unfortunately, he passed away not long after and wasn’t able to play the game himself, but that didn’t stop him from wishing everyone to enjoy it on his behalf.

With the game nearing its September 6 release, players have taken to Reddit to remember and discuss how they will honor Alex in their own games. This includes many players stating they will name one of their ships after him, with one of the top-rated comments being, “The Hay-maker would be a cool ship name.” Additionally, some players intend to use Hay as their last name or even call their character Alex Hay so he can take to the stars.

The post also got players wondering how they could draw Bethesda’s attention in the hopes that an NPC or some form of tribute would be paid to Alex in the game in the future. This is something Bethesda has done before with Evan in Fallout 4’s Nuka-World expansion – a Reddit user brother who passed away. We’ve also seen other developers make similar gestures, such as Blizzard, who created a quest alongside a young fan named Ezra Chatterton involving his dog, which, to this day, is still in World of Warcraft.

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While the circumstances around this story are sad, the community has turned it into one with a bit more joy and positivity, and we imagine plenty of players will take a moment to show off their ships and characters named after their fellow explorer. Enjoy the journey Alex; we’ll be right behind you.

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