Starfield Fans Skeptical of “Grandma” Inviting Them Over For Dinner

Not sipping that tea, Grandma.

Image Source: Bethesda

Bethesda is known for writing characters that are quick to stab our characters in the back. That’s why avid players have learned to distrust most of the seemingly “innocent characters” they introduce. Call it cynical, but they’re not taking any chances. During the Starfield Direct showcase, Bethesda introduced an intriguing character known simply as “Grandma,” who players will have the opportunity to encounter during their cosmic adventures. 

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Though the thought of visiting your space Grandma sounds like a great idea, many players are skeptical of this character’s good intentions. The reaction from the Starfield fan community has been somewhat divided, with some expressing skepticism and suspicion toward Grandma’s intentions.

Is Starfield’s “Grandma” Character Sus or Not

“I don’t want my eyeballs eaten in space. Grandma is gonna get the missile barrage like everyone else,” declared one cautious fan, reflecting the concerns of those who fear Grandma might harbor ulterior motives. Another fan bravely stated, “I’ll board her ship, but if she tries anything, she’s getting a fist to the face,” showcasing a readiness to defend themselves against any unexpected surprises.

On the other hand, some fans eagerly anticipate visiting Grandma for a delightful meal. “It’s lonely out there; I want some grandma-made tea and biscuits,” exclaimed an excited supporter. The prospect of unique grandma recipes, like sweet potato pie or cookies, has also sparked the interest of many who hope to experience a taste of nostalgia in the vastness of space.

Adding to the speculation surrounding Grandma’s character, rumors have circulated that she could be Shirley Curry, popularly known as the Skyrim Grandma. Shirley gained fame for her YouTube videos of playing Skyrim, leading to speculation that she might appear in Starfield. However, Shirley Curry has confirmed that she will not be featured in the game, crushing the hopes of fans longing to see her presence in the interstellar universe. She has expressed her continued anticipation for the release of Elder Scrolls 6, though.

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As fans eagerly await the release of Starfield, the enigmatic character of Grandma has piqued their curiosity and ignited debates within the community. Whether Grandma turns out to be a trusted companion or a potential threat, players will have to wait until the game’s launch to uncover her true intentions.

Will she charm us with her nostalgic grandma foods and special knit spacesuits, or will she leave us questioning our decision to accept her invitation for dinner in the vastness of space? Only time will tell. Just in case, pack some heat for this family supper.