Starfield Modders Have Finally Added Thomas The Tank Engine

In an age-old tradition, Thomas the Tank Engine has come to Bethesda’s latest game, Starfield, in the form of a companion.

What many Bethesda fans have been waiting for has finally happened in Starfield, and that’s the arrival of a Thomas the Tank Engine skin. Although many fans might have suspected that it was going to happen to a ship, or any type of dragon-like enemy, it’s come to an unlikely companion: Vasco.

There’s a mod that Starfield PC players can download that allows them to redesign Vasco’s entire appearance to make him look like a robotic Thomas the Tank Engine, happy face and all. It’s eerily beautiful, but also terrifying in every possible way, but we’re simply glad to see that the iconic Bethesda mod from Skyrim has made its way over to Starfield.

Modders Bring Thomas the Tank Engine to Starfield Turning Vasco Into a Monster

Image via NexusMods

Any player wishing to add Thomas the Tank Engine to their Starfield galactic adventure can find it on the NexusMods website. It was uploaded by BulwarkHD, who has created other Starfield mods such as faster workbenches, high contrast accessibility quest arrows, HD 4K Balls (making the soccer, basketball, and baseballs in antique items look better), and HD 4K Beards.

The reason Thomas the Tank Engine is so special is due to modders swapping out the many dragons in Skyrim for a similar model. As many can imagine, the terror of seeing a massive engine coming down from the sky to fight you, breathing fire, lightning, or ice, would strike fear into anyone. Because Vasco is a loyal, helpful companion in Starfield, the choice to make him the skin for this mod is a bit more fun, turning Thomas into a helpful asset rather than a fight encounter.

We can expect similar mods to appear in the future. Starfield has only been out for a few days, and players are biding their time and working through this enormous game. We believe many fans are looking for the Mando Man Randy Savage skin, another one from Skyrim that modders swapped out for dragons.

Starfield has many things to see, and the main quest is only the beginning. Players can unlock a New Game Plus mode after completing the main story, a first for a Bethesda game at launch. We’re still neck-deck in the game, and our reviewer for Starfield said that it is “Bethesda’s masterpiece of a space RPG that knocked me into a block hole where hours feel like minutes, and any attempt to escape its intoxicating grasp is futile.”