Starfield Partnership With AMD Leaves PC Players Worried

A recent partnership between Bethesda and AMD on Starfield has many PC fans worried if they’ll be able to play the game.


Screenshot via AMD

Bethesda and AMD have announced a partnership that will see the companies working together to bring the best visual fidelity to PC and Xbox players in Starfield. However, some PC fans are skeptical and even worried about the partnership because of the hardware they opt to use in their rigs.

Leading PC hardware manufacturer AMD is working closely with Bethesda to push Starfield to look as good as possible and offer an unrivaled experience for fans and newcomers alike. Understandably, those using hardware that AMD hasn’t produced believe their experience will suffer as a result.

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Starfield Fans Believe AMD and Bethesda Partnership Will Damage the Experience for Some PC Players

The partnership between Bethesda and AMD was announced yesterday with a new trailer for Starfield featuring an explanation from both firms about this alliance’s goal and how it will benefit players. However, it hasn’t done anything to help the doubts some players already had about the game and has even sparked new worries among PC players that use hardware from other brands, such as Nvidia.

One user commented on the video saying, “bring the best of Starfield to everyone,” unless you have Nvidia, so not most PC players, nice.” This sums up a large portion of the concerns fans have with the partnership. While AMD will work to make Starfield look as good as possible, there’s no telling whether that will only benefit those running AMD hardware or playing the game on an Xbox console.

According to Todd Howard’s statements in the video above, it seems the partnership will enable Starfield to be the game with the least bugs at launch Bethesda has ever released. The studio is known for launching games like Skyrim and Fallout 4 with many bugs and glitches. By enabling AMD engineers to work on Starfield’s code before launch, many visual issues will likely be caught and cleaned up.

Even if PC players aren’t worried about this partnership affecting their hardware, others think it will result in a lack of features from third-party companies. “AMD Sponsored means no competitor features, aka NVIDIA & Intel. So no DLSS, Reflex, XeSS, etc. AMD is the only one that blocks competitor features in sponsored titles. This is terrible news for Starfield and PC gamers.” While not essential, some third-party features like DLSS provide incredible gaming experiences. If, as fans fear, AMD blocks them, Starfield will suffer due to a lack of compatibility on PC.