Starfield Player Just Now Discovers The Well After 150 Hours

After 150 hours in Starfield, olne player has only just discovered an area many others found within the first.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Starfield is filled with locations for players to discover organically. Whether they’re completing missions or simply exploring the game’s universe has many enticing cities and settlements to stumble upon. However, some seem more obvious than others.

Bethesda’s RPGs are built to be explored at the player’s pace and no one else’s. Each player’s experience is different, and that’s what fans love about this particular brand of RPG. Even if it means they miss an early location for over 100 hours, as one player has admitted today.

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One Player Takes 150 Hours to Discover The Well Beneath New Atlantis

In a post on the Starfield Subreddit today, one player posted an image of The Well, the undercity below New Atlantis, explaining how they only just discovered it after spending 150 hours doing who knows what elsewhere in the universe. We found this location within the first 2 hours of playing the game, so we don’t know how they managed to skip it.

New Atlantis is the first major city that players head to in Starfield as part of the main story. Instead of talking about why it took this player so long to find The Well, the community started a discussion about how the experience playing the game can be so different from player to player.

“It’s cool how differently people experience this game. I was doing missions down there in the first few hours lol.” This user echoes our experience, but it’s the nature of Bethesda RPGs. These games are filled with so many things to see and an unknowable number of quests to complete that players just want to get out and explore because they feel like they’re missing out.

It’s so easy for players to jump into the game and miss what others believe is obvious. It doesn’t even need to be New Atlantis, players are doing different things everywhere. “Yeah I’m 195 hours and just found the 3rd weapon shop in Akila city so there 4 places to sell all pretty close by.”

The comments in this thread still have playes helping each other make new discoveries. “There is an entrance from The Lodge to the Well. Happy exploring!” It’s all of this that makes for games that last more than a decade like Skyrim has. It looks promising for the future of Starfield that players will still be discovering such an early game location after hundreds of hours of progress.